Our Story - Your Journey

We are a meal prep company with a difference!


OUR MISSION - “To provide healthy, delicious meals at an affordable price.”

We’re Jon and Faye and we’d like to welcome you to Healthy Living Kitchen!

At Healthy Living Kitchen HQ we dish up nourishing, affordable meals, leaving you more time to enjoy life with the people you care about.

Oh, did we mention that each and every meal is lovingly made with the freshest, local produce AND delivered right to your door?

There are no gimmicks or complex plans. We simply provide tasty, healthy meal packages that are affordable.

Jon's Story

“I’m Jon Scott and before establishing Healthy Living Kitchen with my great friend Faye, I spent ten years travelling the world supporting people who wanted to live a healthier life.

I’d been on my own journey too. I once weighed 21 stones but with a lot of sweat, good nutrition and a massive amount of determination I lost 8 stones to become a champion bodybuilder!

This life-changing transformation was the springboard to my career in community-based health initiatives and ultimately, to Healthy Living Kitchen.”

Faye's Story

“My name is Faye Roberts and I’m committed to feeding my family wholesome, nourishing food.

Being a mum is a full time job and I wanted my little ones to enjoy delicious, balanced meals that were also convenient. Yes, you can be healthy even when you’re always in a hurry!

I competed in high level gymnastics and so was familiar with how to feed my body and give it what it needs.

Now, I’m determined to pass on that knowledge and passion to others with our yummy, competitively priced meal prep plans!”

Your Journey

Meal prep has never been more scrumptious OR budget-friendly.

Whether you’re trying to lose weight, want to upgrade your diet or need a quick and tasty meal waiting for you after a hard day’s work, we want to take you on our journey.

"Great service and even better food. Love the convenience and having fresh food delivered to our door"

"As I live on my own it’s great to be able to have something different for every meal and not have the fuss of cooking"

"I've saved a fortune and I'm actually having nice food at work rather than the same ham & cheese sandwich from a supermarket every day"